Our Services

Action Arborist is committed to the careful removal and maintenance of trees to promote healthy growth and tree safety in our community and surrounding areas. Throughout each step of the services we provide, we abide by environmentally-friendly standards and follow strict safety procedures to achieve a mutually beneficial resolution. From tree fertilization to stump grinding, Action Arborist is your one-stop-shop for complete tree removal and maintenance services.

Tree Removal

Although Action Arborist advocates to preserve trees, there comes a time when complete tree removal is necessary for the safety of people and property. Whether a tree is dying, diseased, or poses a sincere safety threat, we have the skills and experience to properly diagnose the tree’s state and determine the best course of action for removal. Through careful planning and systematic dismantling, we can safely and effectively remove hazardous trees to restore safety.

Tree Fertilization

From newly-planted to mature trees, fertilization is a crucial step in fostering strong, healthy growth. In forests, trees flourish from the nutrients provided by debris, insects, and more, but on maintained land, trees do not receive the same nutrients and are constantly competing with the grass to absorb nutrients. If you notice your trees are not growing to their full potential or you have new trees you are trying to grow, Action Arborist can help your trees grow stronger and more vibrant with tree fertilization.

Stump Grinding

Once a tree is removed, a stump is still left in its place and requires additional efforts to completely remove it from the ground. Our team at Action Arborist can grind the tree stump from the ground, so property owners can plant a new tree in its exact place, use the land for other purposes, reduce tripping hazards, or enhance the property’s overall beauty. With Action Arborist, the stump grinding process is performed carefully, resulting in little or no impact to the surrounding landscape.

Tree Cabling

Whether from weak limbs, splits, or double-trunks, trees often grow or are damaged in such a way that they become unable to support their own weight. Tree cabling is an artificial support system that uses cables to support weaker limbs or reinforce unstable tree structure. This service not only gives trees the chance to mature, but also protects weaker trees from storm winds. Action Arborist has the knowledge and training to restore the structural integrity of trees through tree cabling.


Regular tree pruning reduces the risk of falling branches and promotes overall tree health by removing any dead wood or diseased limbs and opening up the tree’s canopy to allow wind to move through the tree. Pruning also stimulates growth by freeing up space for branches to mature and allowing more sunlight to reach lower limbs. Whether you need pruning services to remove unsafe or unstable limbs, clear walkways or business fronts, or enhance your tree’s structure, we use the most up-to-date techniques to ensure safe pruning.